Suspicious Order Monitoring

Suspicious Order Monitoring Compliance Solution

With a significant increase in DEA enforcement of Suspicious Order Monitoring (SOM) programs, it’s more important than ever that your SOM practices are fully compliant. Our PhD statisticians and regulatory experts deploy custom developed, SOM statistical modeling either directly in your existing order management system or functioning in a “cloud” environment to improve your defense during a DEA 


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Onsite account visits

Our visits to pharmacies, physicians, clinics, distribution centers or other operations result in detailed assessments that assist you in making regulatory and business decisions on the validity of each site and its regulatory operations.   Reviews are performed using former Federal Agency personnel (most of which have held high level security clearances from DEA, FBI, Homeland Security, etc.) and/or experienced consultants with extensive investigative backgrounds; and they are all contractually bound to obligations of confidentiality.  In addition, our 3000 trained resources are located strategically throughout the country help to minimize expenses and expedite results, which are typically delivered within days of requests.

Once an order is suspended, our “know your customer” programs allow suspended orders to receive appropriate investigation, leading to expedited order release or account suspension and reporting to DEA.







Our programs include:

  • Extensive Site Reviews that provide detailed insight to site operations
  • “Compliance Agreements” to help ensure customer operations are compliant
  • Customer Document Verifications
  • Reviews of site state and federal licenses, board of pharmacy inspection reports, and other key documents
  • Post visit summary documents, reviewed by former federal agency investigators
  • Digital pictures and operation descriptions

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investigation.  The system allows you to detect, suspend, and investigate potentially suspicious orders while quickly clearing legitimate ones.  And the accessible web-based dashboards provide graphical insight to pended orders to efficiently streamline investigations.

“Know your customer” account investigations

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